Counting down: Scientists warn of ‘alarming’ loss of Borneo orangutans

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Message par Choupi91 le Mer 11 Avr 2018 - 9:34

Indonesia - Once, there were hundreds of thousands of orangutans roaming the island of Borneo. Over the decades – as chainsaws and tractors have cleared millions of hectares of pristine rainforest – the number of these great apes has declined.
new study shows just how alarming that decline is. In 16 years alone, researchers found that half the population of this critically endangered species has disappeared, leaving an estimated 70,000 on the island.
“We estimate that 148,500 orangutans disappeared from Borneo between 1999 to 2015,” says Maria Voigt, a scientist at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research and lead author of the study.
“One of the reasons orangutans are so vulnerable is because of the fact that they reproduce very slowly, giving birth only once every six to eight years and usually to just one baby. The loss of a relatively low number of orangutans can have a major impact on the species’ survival.”
Voigt is among 41 researchers who contributed to the study, which used field survey data collected on the ground and by helicopter to identify orangutan nests. A complex modeling approach combining knowledge about orangutan habitats and threats was then used to estimate the number of apes left.
The study also looked at the size of the orangutan populations.
“Orangutans have a better chance of survival if they live in populations larger than 100,” says Voigt. “Out of the 64 populations that experts identified in Borneo, only 38 were large enough to have a good chance of survival.”

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