How Melbourne has quickly become one of the vegan capitals of the world

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Message par Choupi91 le Mer 5 Avr 2017 - 16:40

Australia's second city has long been one of the foodie capitals of the world, but now it's going all out for vegan food. Chloe Cann reports

At first glance, new dessert bar Girls & Boys is just like any other Melbourne scene-stealer. The deconstructed ice cream dishes with baklava toppings are prime Instagram fodder, and though slightly pricier than the norm, its beauty pageant of cakes could rival that of any local confectioner. But there is one rather vital ingredient missing here: animal products. No dairy, gelatine or egg has ever crossed paths with this gleaming array of treats.
The latest venture from local restaurateurs Laki Papadopoulos and Mark Price, nothing about Girls & Boys screams vegan – and that’s just the intention. “The whole crux of this shop is it's got to be fun and ‘oops it's vegan’,” explains Papadopoulos. “We don't take a hardline approach.”

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